School Site Council

A joint School Site Council links Yulupa and Strawberry Schools. The council is comprised of parents, classified staff members, teachers, and administrators (school principals).  Representatives serve two-year terms and positions are staggered. The Site Council meets one afternoon each month and has many responsibilities including:

  • Managing the Single Plan for Student Achievement and Local Educational Agency Plan which address all areas of the curriculum.
  • Assisting the Board of Trustees in developing the district's annual budget, as well as reviewing, analyzing, and making recommendations regarding requests for budget funding.
  • Overseeing many school-wide areas such as leadership, school effectiveness, the learning environment, special needs, emergency plans, and staff development.

The Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) holds orientation for new Site Council members each fall.  Interested candidates should contact their student's school principal to complete a candidates' statement form.  A ballot for selecting representatives will appear in a newsletter if an election is necessary.

Bennett Valley Education Foundation

The Bennett Valley Education Foundation (BVEF) is a non-profit foundation that raises funds through advertising sales for the district family directory, The Bennett Valley Connection, and through its annual pledge drive to fund Art Works and Music Scores.  This program will provide multi-cultural music lessons provided by Young Imaginations,  Drama workshops for each Strawberry class, and  visual art and art history lessons provided by our Artist-in-Residence, Nancy Ricciardi.  BVEF also funds much of the cost of the Strawberry Band and Chorus.  In addition, the BVEF funds the Art Docent program, which enables parents to lead art lessons in all of the classrooms at both schools.


Alliance of Parents & Teachers

The Alliance of Parents and Teachers (APT)  is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to enhance the education of Bennett Valley students and to build community.  All parents and teachers are automatically members of the APT.  There is no cost to join.  Members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings announced in the district newsletters.  While only the Executive Board is the voting body, input is taken from the superintendent, principals, faculty, staff, and parents.  The APT raises funds through fundraising sales, book fairs, etc. and uses them to fund assemblies, field trips, computers, instructional materials, PE and science support, faculty allowances, and a host of other needs. 

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Site Council, APT & BVEF Parent Organizations